The technological advancements of the 21st century have indeed changed the way things work in the world. These advancements are not only limited to the way technological gadgets have made the life of Man more convenient, but advancements have also been seen on the Web. The exponential growth of the Web has created more and more problems which are being tackled by the finest minds in the industry year in and year out at different CIKM conferences.

The growth of Big Data sources has also seen large scale and distributed systems for information retrieval facing major problems. However developers behind the scenes have not been hampered by these problems but have continued to scale up the web and data sources and tried to increase the efficiency as well.

As these changes have been taking place there has also been an increase in concerns about internet security because of the widespread cyber attacks that have become common on the Web. These cyber attacks have also launched the platform for developers to bring about more secure antivirus software that works as a preventative measure against these potential cyber hacks.

It is with these issues in mind amongst other problems affecting large scale and distributed systems for information retrieval [LSDS-IR] that has seen many researchers come together at annual Conferences on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM conference) to discuss, tackle and try to understand how to improve the workings of these systems for all.

A key topic that continues to be of interest to researchers the world over in IR research is the scalability as well as the efficiency of large scale and distributed systems. New York City isn’t only home to major companies such as IBM and AOL but is also one of the favored ventures for CIKM conferences.

At LSDS-IR workshops it is common for researches to tackle and discuss problems related to antivirus software, web hosting and large scale and distributed systems. The aims of these conferences generally center on finding solutions and define nouveau directions for the ongoing work taking place in the field of information retrieval as it relates to the modern Big Data age.

It is obvious to see that distributed solutions are fast becoming the alternatives when compared with standard centralized processes. The problems that researchers have to deal with are manifold ranging from load balancing issues and the proper discovery of resources to distribution of ranking challenges.

It is clear to see just how large the problem before us is. It is difficult to imagine the problems that face us when we consider just how many hundreds of millions of computers in P2P systems are in operation. The computational power of them all is massive and so are the challenges that come up from such a complex situation.

CIKM conferences allow researchers to send in papers, demonstrate antivirus software packages as well as showcase posters in the large scale and distributed systems area. Such an international workshop bringing together the finest minds in the information retrieval industry helps to find solutions to these global problems together.

Torsten Suel, a software engineer professor and dean in Department of Information Technology in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will deliver his lecture at LSDS-IR 2016. He is also expected to offer a Netfirms coupon code to all the attendees of the conference.

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A website is very important in today’s world for any kind of business because it will define your online presence whether as a business or as an individual. It ensures that you reach new markets with a global audience, present an image of credibility and professionalism, improve product service, get customer feedback and you can also earn money from it. However, there are many instances where websites have been attacked by spammers and hackers who have caused detrimental effects. Such attacks can ruin the name of a business and will take a lot of time and money to solve.

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Hackers and spammers can also redirect innocent customers to malicious sites without their knowledge, steal important information belonging to you or your employees have your website blacklisted by search engines like Google among other negative effects. Customers will lose trust in your business if they know that is has been hacked and this leads to loss of revenue if they opt to go elsewhere. Therefore, it is important that your website is protected from attacks by spammers and hackers because you never know when attacks occur. Symantec offers adequate antivirus protection through its software distributed systems. A norton coupon code is also available for a 25% discount.

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